Public accountability

AARC operates in a clearly defined health care environment which monitors our program in the public interest. AARC has also sought additional external accreditation to strengthen our procedures, given the vulnerability of our clients.

Oversight by Alberta Child and Youth Services through Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority

AARC, as an organization, and as individuals working with adolescents and their families, are as accountable as every individual in this province to Alberta Child and Youth Services. The Child, Youth & Family Enhancement Act states that every Albertan has a responsibility under the act to ensure that all children and adolescents are safe from abuse of any kind.

AARC honours that responsibility and have involved Alberta Child and Youth Services when there have been allegations of abuse or known abuses of any person receiving treatment through our program. We have had several meetings with the authorities from Alberta Child and Youth Services regarding our programs in a spirit of cooperation and transparency.

You can contact Calgary Region Child and Family Services here.