Canadian Accreditation Council of Human Services

AARC uses an external accreditation service to give an independent evaluation of our governance, practices and outcomes. AARC has a contract with Canadian Accreditation Council of Human Services (CAC).

AARC is fully accredited by the CAC until March 27, 2019. The society’s most recent accreditation was the result of a CAC audit conducted on-site in May, 2015. Accreditation has been granted for:

  • AARC Recovery Homes (Respite Care with Addiction and Intensive Treatment Designations)
  • AARC Day Programs (Day/Intervention Program with Immersive Treatment and Addictions Designations)

You can view a copy of the accreditation here.

The Canadian Accreditation Council (CAC) is a non-profit organization that has itself been accredited by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua), the leading international health care evaluation program. You can find out more about CAC here.