AARC is a caring community for adolescents with addiction. Here, families find hope.

AARC believes in lifelong abstinence from harmful drugs for all adolescents battling addiction. Our experience in treating over 560 young people with chemical dependency since 1992 is that anything less than abstinence is too risky, at a time when teenagers can seriously damage their health through drug abuse.

Because we believe in abstinence, we also believe that semi-residential treatment works for adolescent addiction because it accepts the reality of teenage behaviour. Adolescents will seek to abuse drugs even while they are supposed to be in treatment. By surrounding them with an alternative — a caring community of peers and addiction specialists — adolescents soon perceive that there is hope and actively strive to live successfully without drugs and alcohol.

We believe that chemical addiction is a disease, rather than a psychological or moral affliction. The effects of addiction are biological and social, as well as psychological and spiritual. AARC is convinced by the medical evidence that addiction is a disease with very serious impacts on adolescents in particular.

We treat adolescents in a way that reflects every aspect of their lives: so our treatment is best described as a multidisciplinary model based on the 12 steps that views addiction as multi-dimensional disorder.

AARC is devoted to the long-term effort that is required to building and fostering a community that is focused on providing adolescents and their families the support, help and freedom from the impacts of addiction.