Is your child addicted?

Answer yes or no to the questions below.

Yes No
1. Do you find their explanations for irresponsible behaviour or decreasing performance to be unbelievable or implausible
2. Are they frequently dishonest?
3. Has their personality changed (i.e., are there inappropriate mood swings, hostility, giddiness or irritability?)
4. Has anyone expressed concern about their alcohol/drug use?
5. Are they less responsible re chores, schoolwork or being on time?
6. Have you found obvious signs of drug/alcohol use such as bottles, drugs, or paraphernalia?
7. Have they lied about their use of alcohol or drugs?
8. Have their grades dropped or is there decreased interest in school activities?
9. Do they have unexplained periods of depression, anxiety or difficulty with sleep?
10. Have they become withdrawn and uncommunicative?
11. Do they spend a lot of time alone?
12. Do they show a lack of motivation or an apathetic attitude?
13. Have you noticed alcohol or pills missing from your home?
14. Are you missing money, credit cards or valuables that could be converted into cash?
15. Do they seem to have difficulty remembering things?
16. Is there a change in their personal hygiene, dress habits or sleeping and eating habits?
17. Do you ever notice physical indicators of drug/alcohol abuse (i.e., red eyes, dilated pupils, and slurred speech)?
18. Have you observed irrational or explosive behaviour?
19. Are they increasingly secretive about their whereabouts?
20. Are there signs of medical or emotional problems, such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, ulcers, or gastritis?
21. Has their peer group changed to include friends that are involved in drinking, using drugs and partying?
22. Do they become belligerent, angry or defensive when others express concern about their drug use?
23. Are they irresponsible drivers?
If there is evidence of substance abuse and you have answered “yes” to eight to ten of these questions, it indicates that your child is exhibiting significant emotional or behavioural problems that may be related to substance abuse.