Dr. Dean Vause
Executive Director, Ph. D.

Dr. Vause is the Executive Director of the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (AARC), a long-term, intensive treatment program for severely addicted youth and their families. AARC is the culmination of Dr. Vause’s 20 years of research into adolescent addiction. His research took him to treatment centres throughout North America. Dr. Vause started his career in high schools, where he taught, counseled and developed programs to help youth in the education system. His Masters dissertation “A School Drug Program”, and his Ph.D. Program, “Adolescent Substance Use Disorders”, focus on both a model and facility for adolescent drug treatment. He has provided many Teacher In-service presentations on the subject of drug use in schools in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia and parts of the United States, and has provided numerous workshops for many other community organizations. Dr. Vause is considered to be a leading expert in the field of adolescent addiction, and his advice is sought by other professionals. He is the recipient of the Rotary International “Paul Harris Fellowship”, the highest honor in Rotary. Other awards include Calgary Citizen of the Year award and the Alberta Centennial Medal.