Natalie Imbach
Executive Program Manager, M.Sc., CCAC, RPC, Provisional Psychologist
  • Executive Program Manager, M.Sc., CCAC, RPC, Provisional Psychologist
  • Leadership Team

Natalie Imbach has been employed with AARC for 17 years. Natalie has recently returned to the team as Executive Program Manager. She previously spent 7 years in the Clinical Director position. Natalie has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Addiction as well as a Masters degree in Marital and Family Therapy from Loma Linda University. She is currently engaged in the process of registration with the College of Alberta Psychologists. Natalie’s academic focus on addiction and family therapy has provided her with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide treatment for the individual suffering with the addiction as well as address the issues related to the addiction within the family system. In addition, Natalie is a graduate of the AARC program. Her personal story of addiction and recovery, combined with her academic and professional accomplishments, comprise a powerful message of hope for the young people and families in treatment at AARC today. Natalie is committed to carrying the message of hope AARC inspired in her 20 years ago.