Meet the clinical care team

AARC’s clinical team are responsible for the well-being of clients at all times, whether they are at the centre or staying in a Recovery Home with a host family.

Since non-clinical peer counsellors are an exceptional feature of AARC’s treatment program, the clinical team is also responsible for the performance of peer staff in overseeing client caseloads. The competency for hire is based on individual experience with addiction and maintained abstinence through active 12 step recovery.

Clinical Directors

Responsible for the leadership and guidance of the AARC treatment team, provide ongoing supervision and evaluation of peer counsellors and clinical support staff, and manage clinical staff meetings with each level of staff four times weekly.

The clinical directors also facilitate group therapy sessions for clients, parents, and families, complete client assessments and admissions, and facilitate individual therapy sessions with parents, siblings, and the client in treatment.

Most importantly, the clinical directors manage a clinical caseload where each client’s treatment planning and progress is monitored including the review of any critical incidents or adaptations to treatment planning.

Clinical Director profiles are available here.

Clinical Counsellor

Primarily responsible for a clinical caseload, facilitating client and family group sessions, and supervising all levels of peer counsellors.

Clinical counsellor profiles are available here.

Registered Nurse/ Family Counsellor

Primarily responsible for the medical and psychiatric needs of the youth in treatment, and support of the clinical directors. AARC’s registered nurse is responsible for overseeing and ensuring that medication administration procedures are followed by the staff and recovery home parents. The registered nurse also leads clinical group sessions for families and meets with parents on an individual basis.

As the Primary RN , Diane Graham manages the daily medical needs of clients, performs baseline assessments on all new clients including the initiation of detox protocols, participates in weekly case conferences with psychiatrist, manages wellness clinics which include medical , psychiatric, immunization and , naturopathic care, overseas medication administration process and provides training to staff and parent volunteers. Diane’s profile is available here.