Meet AARC’s teaching team

Formal education during recovery is mandatory at AARC

AARC has a Calgary Board of Education (Alternative High School) satellite classroom. The teachers in the AARC classroom work to re-engage the clients in their academic studies and support them in their reintegration to the educational program of their choice.

The AARC learning centre has an exceptionally low student to teacher ratio, allowing the teachers in the classroom to provide greater amounts of individual learning time than would take place in a regular school setting. Our teachers help clients with setting academic and career goals, learning strategies, work experience opportunities, and the development of time management skills.

The AARC learning centre also provides a unique environment for the collaboration of addiction counsellors and teachers with the goal of helping addicted adolescents to succeed in their studies. The majority of AARC clients have struggled in an academic setting and have fallen behind in their studies because of their substance use. The collaborative approach presented by AARC ensures that each client’s specific needs are met from both an educational and therapeutic standpoint.