AARC’s expected outcomes

AARC is an exceptional treatment plan for exceptional circumstances. Our clients are typically adolescents with severe addiction problems who have tried other methods of treatment without success.

An incurable disease that can be treated

AARC believes that chemical dependency is a chronic disease, so we don’t seek to cure clients. We believe that only complete abstinence can manage the disease. A successful graduate will attain these goals:

  • Accept that alcoholism and addiction are incurable (yet treatable) diseases
  • Accept that lifelong sobriety is the only way to manage the disease
  • Improve and repair relationships with family and friends
  • Return to school or work
  • Connect with community support services (such as Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • Live a daily sobriety program
  • Commit to a healthy, honest, and productive way of life with gratitude, in the knowledge that their ability to stay sober flows from the grace of God

You can read about our results in our Satisfaction Survey.