Our side of the story

Dealing with addiction during adolescence is complex. Consequently, AARC’s program and its
leadership have been the focus of public debate and criticism on occasion. Allegations
regarding connections to other treatment programs, the qualifications of AARC’s staff, its
unique treatment processes, access, cost and abuse can be found on both digital and in
traditional media. These allegations were most notably covered in a Fifth Estate broadcast,
aired by the CBC in February of 2009.

As a result of this broadcast, AARC is in litigation with the CBC, various CBC reporters and four
ex-clients. AARC maintains that it has discredited all allegations of wrongdoing contained in
the broadcast and is proceeding to trial against all parties to recover damages for the
losses AARC has suffered as a result of the broadcast.

AARC’s accredited program is delivered through a strict governance model that employs
independent oversight and written grievance procedures. AARC promptly addresses all
allegations of wrongdoing, whether they are alleged to have occurred before or during
treatment, by referral to the appropriate authorities. Allegations of criminal wrongdoing are
immediately referred to the Calgary Police Service and the justice system.