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The cost to society: how your donation helps


Early intervention in the life of an adolescent addict is obviously good for the individual concerned. But it is also good for society at large, freeing up resources for other needs.

Addiction hurts us all

AARC’s treatment model helps reduce our reliance on long-term addiction facilities, such as drop-in centres, shelters, emergency room visits, youth and adult detention centres, group homes and foster homes. Addiction also weighs heavily on the policing and criminal justice system, social work departments, social welfare payments and other public health services.

Back in 2002, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse estimated that the total costs to Canadian society due to addiction was around $40 billion a year, with Alberta alone impacted by up to $5.3 billion.

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Charitable Registration Number: 13219-9480-RR0001

Here at the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre, we see miracles happen every day. When a young person walks through the doors of AARC, they are often desperate, defeated, and completely hopeless. Lives have been destroyed and families have been torn apart. But at AARC, we know what that’s like. Many of us have been in the grips of addiction ourselves, and have overcome the ravages that it caused.

We believe in this program, because we’ve seen it work – over and over again. We believe in all the individuals who come into this program, because we know that deep down within them lies the courage to change. We believe in the families that stand behind those individuals, because they too have repeatedly shown strength and bravery while overcoming numerous difficulties. But most of all, we believe in miracles, because we know where we’d be without the love and support of AARC and its entire staff.

There is a solution for adolescent addiction. With the support of sponsors, donors and friends of AARC, we are able to bring hope back to these young and shattered lives. Thank you for helping us to make miracles happen!

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Funding Needs

Our donors help us subsidize treatment for families

Each year, AARC needs to raise $2,025,000 to maintain its current level of operations.

Affordable Alternative

(Actual figures for the fiscal period April 1, 2014-March 31, 2015)

Where the money goes

Expenses $ in ,000
Clinical treatment 2,208
Community relations & fund development 483
Administration 369
Amortization 237
Building 240
Legal & consulting 150
In-kind 220
Total 3,910

Where the money comes from

Our sources of income are set out below (updated April 2014):

  • Client Fees 18%
  • Donors: Corporate, foundation and individuals 16%
  • Fundraisers: gala, golf tournament and third-party 57%
  • Investment and other income 9%

If you would like to make a donation, find out more here.

If you would like to volunteer, find out more here.

Classic Car Raffle

Thank you to everyone who participated in AARC's Classic Car Raffle. The draw was held on September 29, 2018. The winner of the car was Bridget Saunders of Calgary, AB with ticket #0961. Congratulations, Bridget!


About the Car:

In the 1980’s, Classic Roadsters Inc., headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota offered high quality fibreglass replica kits of the famous 1962 Austin Healy 3000 roadster that a car enthusiast could build using a donor car for the drivetrain and mechanical components. This concept allowed individuals to create their own version of a high dollar original car at a reduced cost and enjoy the same experience without the huge investment. Mechanical improvements and optional upgrades were at the discretion of the owner/builder, allowing flexibility in construction of the vehicle to meet their driving needs. This car took approximately four years to build with completion in the spring of 1994. The condition of the vehicle obviously suggests a statement in the high priorities and pride of ownership as the principles of a serious car owner.

A Healey of a Raffle Prize – Greg Williams, June 17, 2017

Raffle details:

Prize: One used 1962 Austin Healey (Tribute) Sebring MX 5000 2 Door Roadster Replicar.
Tickets may only be purchased or sold within Alberta. Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase.

Draw Date: 
September 29, 2018
Draw Location:
220 Avro Lane
Springbank Airport
Calgary, AB T3Z 3S5

License Number: 467754
4000 Tickets Printed

Proceeds from this raffle will be used toward treatment fee subsidies at AARC for struggling families.

Click Here for a complete list of raffle rules.

4Boys Fund Grant

Mission Statement:

“To provide financial support to any AARC graduate requiring additional funding for specialized addiction and/or mental health treatment. Further, to provide funding for grief counselling for the immediate family of the AARC graduate as necessary.”

The 4Boys Fund Parent Group is truly blessed to be stewards of a vision originally created by Tim Leskun and Dr. Sandra Fenton and forever remembered in the beautiful benches crafted so meticulously by Ron Lepard and Jeff Ogilvie for Peter Brodie, AARC graduate #335, Ben Cory, AARC graduate #433, Jeremy McKenzie, AARC graduate #540, and Kevin Spiegelmann, AARC graduate #536. In addition, Tim and Sandra were also able to start a fund, originally called the AARC Angels Foundation to support philanthropy in the community. Since inception, we have successfully grown this fund, now named the 4Boys Fund, to be in a position to pay-forward their original vision and financially support AARC graduates and their immediate families in addiction, mental health and grief counseling services. For those of you that have already contributed to the Fund, we thank you for your generosity. We know our sons would be so proud to give back in this way.

We are committed to continue working collaboratively with AARC, AARC Board and AARC Alumni to further fundraising and visionary endeavours for the benefit of each group. Graduates and/or their immediate families are asked to complete the attached 4Boys Fund Grant Application Form to seek approval of funds.

Click Here to download the application form. Completed applications or inquiries may be sent to

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