COVID-19 Procedures

AARC is committed to ensuring a secure and safe environment for all by following the most current Alberta CMOH Order specific to Mental Health and Addiction Facilities, as well as other applicable updates and restrictions mandated. Since the beginning of the pandemic, AARC's nurses have monitored the latest government updates on practices and restrictions, and have ensured that AARC has made use of available government resources in place to support facilities during the pandemic. General recommendations for continuous masking, hygiene practices, social distancing and COVID screening are all followed, and have become a standard routine for staff, volunteers, clients and family members in AARC’s facility and Recovery Homes. AARC has been able to serve addicted youth and their families through the pandemic and, to date, has not had an outbreak of COVID-19 in its population.

The facility is closed to the public, and any visitors must be screened and advised of safety procedures before being allowed to enter the building. Flu shots are highly recommended for clients, families, staff and volunteers, with very good turnout to date. The on-call nurse is available to staff, clients, volunteers and families any time for any COVID-19 related questions and concerns. AARC is able to conduct COVID-19 testing and has a strict isolation/quarantine procedure for new intakes and anyone exhibiting symptoms.

While these procedures have come at an extra financial cost, the safety of our clients is our highest priority. If you would like to support AARC during this critical time, please click here. Thank you for your support!